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Service & Support

Keyworks Heno Warranty Policy

The products shall be under usage of normal condition or as recommended in the manual and Heno Lighting provides limited warranty under the hereby stated terms and conditions:
1. Customers who purchase directly from Heno Lighting;
2. The warranty applies if any of the following occurs:

   - Failure of function with no external factors;
   - Light flickering;
   - Over 35% depreciation of light output compared with initial EXW lumens
3. Heno liability under the limited warranty:
Heno Lighting provides free repairing service. If the certain item can not be repaired, Heno Lighting will offer the new one for replacement at no extra cost In case the model is suspended, Heno Lighting will replace the item with similar grade and pricing ones;
4. Heno Lighting will replace or repair defective products upon our approved inspection of the returned product except:
   - Problems caused by improper operation by user, including damages of light source and driver caused by unstable current flow;
   - Product was not installed or maintained according to manual or specification accompanied;
   - Goods dismantled or modified without approval by Heno Lighting. Goods replaced with parts that do not come from Heno Lighting;
   - Loss of Heno's serial number on the tube;
   - Operation temperature exceeds the range of normal degree centigrade;
   - Repair work done by unauthorized personnel without Heno's approval;
   - Force Majeure and other act of God.
5. Warranty period: 2-3 years since shipping date.
6. Verification of defective goods: Customers must provide clear pictures or videos to prove that such defects existing.

Keyworks  After Service Dept. Contacts

For any after services, Please kindly email us your any comments to info@henoled.com

Service Time: 24 Hours * 7 Days         Linked Person: Mr. Lori